Up to about 2 years ago, billing and collections for my private practice was adequate. However, I always had the feeling that what I was bringing in didn’t match the number of patients I was seeing. Then 2 years ago I fortuitously found April. My hunch was right. My Income went up by 10 to 15% without increasing my caseload and it was all attributable to April’s expertise. She can squeeze water from a rock when it comes to Collections. April not only bills accurately but she diligently follows up and collects from even the most Stubborn Insurance Companies.

Probably more importantly to me than being a billing wizard, April is a Genuinely nice person to interact with day after day.

I only regret that I didn’t find April 10 years ago. If you are even just thinking about changing your Billing situation, do you and your income stream a favor and consider April. You’ll never look back.

Dr. M. F.

Clinical Psychologist in CA

Excellent company!

They offer thorough processing and immediate responses to questions. Brooke goes the distance in making sure providers are supported and reimbursed for their work. Very glad I changed services to ABS (I own a mental health clinic).

D. N.


I’ve been in Practice for 25 + Years and have used several different Billing Services.

Advanced Billing Services Outshined previous Billing Services in so many ways.

I came to ABS with an account that hadn’t been paid in over 2 years. Others claimed they attempted to deal with the Insurance company to resolve the matter, but nothing changed. April was able to get to the bottom of the problem within a few weeks time…..The Money came through!!

April is Sharp, Organized and Kind. She is able to think outside the box when need be. She is quick and beyond responsible. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about her!!

L. K.


I am over-the-moon happy with working with two ladies. Brooke and April are ON it!

I am so happy they were recommended to me!

B. P.


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